What our Clients say about us...

- Louise N, Raleigh NC

"When I began seeing Dr. Greenfield or severe back pain, I could not walk, stand, sit or lie down comfortably.  No matter what I did, I was in pain.  After a few treatments with Dr. Greenfield, I started to feel better with the adjustments and ultrasound she performed.  Within one month, I felt like a new woman.  The pain was completely gone!  Thank you Dr. Greenfield for always taking the time to listen, to inform, and for continuing to always keep the pain away. "

- Mia L.

Dr. Greenfield is awesome.  She's helped me with so many issues, back, neck, knees.  And she's fun and interesting too.  Love her holistic approach to solving problems. 

- Michael P.

Dr. Kira Cervenka is an incredibly friendly and knowledgable provider, and has helped me regularly with my migraines and hip pain.