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Animal Chiropractic

Darcy Ward DC is a board certified chiropractor and is an internationally certified animal chiropractor (IVCA).  Dr. Ward provides chiropractic care for horses, dogs, and cats for the following cities and their surrounding areas: Greensboro, Winston Salem, High Point, Burlington, Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh

Equine Chiropractic: $90
Canine Chiropractic: $50 or $65 for giant breeds such as Great Danes of Mastiffs

Dogs will be treated at Dr. Ward's home every other Friday afternoon. Directions are given when scheduling. Horses require Dr. Ward to travel to the stable location on alternating Friday afternoons. Travel expenses are assessed on an individual case-by-case basis. Travel for a distance exceeding 20 miles from our office is $1.00 per mile. If travel requires an overnight stay then multiple horses and/or dogs must need treatment.

What to Expect
Dr. Ward will assess your animal and decide if the diagnosis of subluxation (a very specific condition, or disease, of the spinal column in which one or more of the joints are not moving properly) is correct. Once identified, she will attempt a correction of the subluxated or "stuck" vertebra. This correction is called an adjustment. An adjustment is a short rapid thrust onto a vertebra in a very specific direction that will restore movement into the fixated joint.

Chiropractic is very specific, and adjustments are made on each vertebra directly. Jerking on legs or tails is NOT an adjustment. A proper examination and evaluation by the Doctor is necessary to determine what needs to be adjusted, and more importantly, what NOT to adjust.

While delivering an adjustment the Doctor uses a controlled force. Even large animals don't necessarily need more force than very small ones. Each joint of the spine is moveable, and if the correct angle is used, the adjustment is relatively easy using low force. In addition, although particular attention is paid to the spine, the doctor may also adjust the jaw, legs, or skull depending on necessity.
Other Resources:  http://greensborochiropractor.com  |  http://animalchiropractornc.com
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